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4th Jun 2019
Paving Companies Cape Town
4th Jun 2019

Paving Restoration Cape Town

Have you had your paving job for many years? Have your paving solutions expired? Are you not happy with the way your paving is starting to look? At Paving Cape Town, we offer cleaning and repairing of paving to make it look as if your paving was done just a few days ago. We will help to make your paved area look good as new without repaving the area. After a few years, it’s normal for a paving job to look run down, especially if the paved area is exposed to heavy vehicle traffic regularly. Not only does traffic affect this type of paving, but climate can also have a huge impact on paving. Windy areas where soil may be deposited are also vulnerable to the deterioration of paving. If the area sags or of the bricks break, this area can even be inaccessible. Don’t let it get that far. That’s where Paving Cape Town will step in. We will maintain, restore and repair previously paved areas. Areas where materials such as natural stone, clay and concrete brick paving have been used can be restored. We will enhance the appearance of your paved job, protect and maintain a previously paved area by sealing surfaces to unwanted oil or grease spills, preserve the paved area to prevent mold, fungus and erosion, stabilise the area so that it is protected from rain and water degradation.

Cleaning Paving in Cape Town

If your paving has deteriorated over the years and is starting to look old and overused, this can affect the entire impression of your property. If the property is linked to your business, this might scare off clients or potential clients and might impact your business negatively. Because we understand the repercussions of leaving your paving unmaintained, we take cleaning paving very seriously. We also understand that paving could generally be quite a costly project, which is why we want you to enjoy the worth of your paving job even years after the job has been completed. Paving is classified as hard landscaping, which affects the overall aesthetics of your home and business. This is why we offer paving maintenance and cleaning paving at Paving Cape Town. Besides having your home or office look good, cleaning your paving can also help from hygiene purposes. Paving that is well-maintained will keep your property weed-free, moss-free and free of dirt and grime, which could lead to the breeding of bacteria. Protect your property, your family, and your clients by having your paving maintained. It will help to:
  • Keep your property aesthetically appealing
  • Protect your paving from stains from oil and grease
  • Inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria and fungus
  • Deters the growth of weed and insect infestation

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Equipment Used to clean pavers areas
In order to get the best out of your paving job, you would need to maintain and treat your paving regularly. Good cleaning practices will help you enjoy the luxury of paving that’s at its optimal for a longer time, giving you even more value for money in the long run. Although it may take professional pavers and paving restorers to do some of the deep cleaning you need for the long-term benefits of your paving, there are certain housekeeping practices that you can do in order to maintain the quality of your paving job. For instance regular dirt, like sand and dust can be washed off using a hose and a hard-bristled broom. Sweeping and hosing regularly will not only help to keep your paving clean and in tip-top shape, but it will also help you keep weeds at bay. Be sure to not make use of power hoses. These might be too intense and wash out jointing sand and damage the grouting placed between pavers and could potentially damage the pavers.

Detergents like Tile and Floor Care or Reinol Driveway and Paving are recommended as paving cleaners. If these don’t work for your paving material, visit your nearest hardware store and find a detergent specific to your paving material. Beware, many of these products can be highly corrosive or even toxic, so be sure to read the label and follow the necessary safety precautions, such as gloves, protective boots and gear, masks and safety glasses.

Paving Sealer for longer lasting paving look
Paving sealers are applied to paving that may be laid on your driveway or in your patio or entertainment area, or even on the paving by your pool. Paving sealers help to maintain your paving job and gives your paving a sleek, polished look. The main purpose of the sealer is to protect your paving from the natural elements as well as the weight of repetitive activity taking place on the paved area, such foot or vehicle traffic. The sealant used on paving also helps to block the ultraviolet rays and helps to prevent the fading of the paving bricks or blocks from fading. If the paving on the paving isn’t sealed and it rains, puddles may form beneath the surface of the paving, causing the bricks or blocks to crack. Paving sealers help to seal the pores of your paver, repelling water and keeping the sand and dust in place in the joints of the paving. As the years go by and your paving starts to age, you may have to seal your paving repeatedly after a couple of years, depending on the day-to-day maintenance that was done to the paving over the years, the material you’ve chosen to pave with and the quality of the overall job.

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