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4th Jun 2019

Paving Installers Cape Town

At Paving Cape Town, we will connect you with some of the best paving installers in Cape Town. Servicing private residential clients, governmental institutions, corporate clients and everything in between, Paving Cape Town has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We will offer the best paving installation options for your paving project. If you need to instal residential paving or commercial paving installation, we have you covered. Contact Paving Cape Town for a hands-on approach to your project. With trusted and experienced pavers, we will ensure to purchase paving materials of the highest quality, to ensure that your paving job lasts for many years to come. By maintaining your paving, it will look good as new for years and will continue to be durable. With our years of experience, we can design and install paving that will meet, and moreover, exceed your expectations. At Paving Cape Town, you - the client, are our main priority. Which is why we offer competitive rates on rich workmanship and high quality paving materials to give your driveway, walkway, entrance, parking lot or any other area that needs paving, that elegant look and feel, while insisting on the functional purpose of the paving project.

Top Quality Paver Installations

At Paving Cape Town, we insist on offering our clients (whether they be private clients, governmental institutions or corporate tenders and contractors), while offering the most competitive rates in and around Cape Town. While many people think “expensive” when they hear or see the words “top quality”, thanks to our trusted reputation in the business, we have been able to negotiate the best rates available. This means that our clients benefit from the years of experience that we have in the industry, giving us the best packages available. Not only does the many years of experience reflect in each and every paving installation job that we do, but it also reflects in our pricing packages. We start by understanding your paving vision and measuring the space that you need to be paved. Once we know what we are working with and understand your vision for the area, we are able to measure and evaluate the specifications of the job. Our high quality workmanship is coupled with top quality paving materials, which doubles up on the overall quality of the paving installation job. This helps us to guarantee the best service and end result of the paving installation. All our paving installation jobs are according to SAB’s specifications. Our constant success has given us the reputation as the best paving installations company in Cape Town.

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Paving Installation Techniques
Paving Cape Town offers a range of the best paving installation techniques in Cape Town. We offer area and base preparation, which includes the evaluation of existing grounds, as well as the relevant subase or subgrade chosen. We will then determine the laying patterns involved, which include the lines and direction in which the pavers will be packed. As we understand that Cape Town has a history of a water crisis, we take water conservation very seriously. For this reason, we plan for drainage that will be conducive of saving water and look at natural slopes that are surrounding.

Every paving installation job is unique, which means that the specifications will vary from job to job and the contractor will have to decide on what is required in each and every situation. Our paving contractors will systematically work in sections, ensuring the highest quality paving installations. Our paving installation techniques include solid paving or grouting,loose paving or ungrouted, suspended paving or the Sand Bag Method, the cleaning and maintenance of existing pavers, the sealing of pavers and more. Paving and proper landscaping can enhance the overall appearance of any space, which is why we insist on having the paving installation be fully functional and aesthetically pleasing too. Contact Paving Cape Town for a quote now.

Paving Edging Installation
At Paving Cape Town we offer premium paving edging installation. This means that if you are planning to pave an area like a driveway, patio, entrance or entertainment area, the edging curb frames and contains the blocks used in the paving project. Our contractors will lay the paver edging next to the paving material you have selected in order to protect your paving. Edging is the strip or the spacing between paving blocks or bricks. This is not to be confused with lawn edging, which has an entirely different function. Lawn edging for instance, typically does not have any holes. The purpose of the paving edging is to hold pavers in place. At Paving Cape Town, we offer both rigid and flexible types of paving edging, giving you plenty of paving options to choose from.

Edging is a very important part of the installation process of paving. Regardless of whether you are using stone, brick or concrete, you would want to use some sort of edging along the perimeter of the paving material. Metal paving edgers are sometimes used, but many prefer plastic paving edgers as it is does not present the forthcoming issue of rust in the future. Paving edgers are solely for functional purposes and not aesthetic purposes, as you will not be able to see the paver edgers after they are installed.

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