Lanscaping Using Pavers
4th Jun 2019

Paving Contractors Cape Town

Our contractors or subcontractors will visit your site to better understand the scope of your paving project. They will then creatively engage you in solutions that might better suit your needs by sampling materials and designs that are affordable, but have a dual purpose, giving you the best price and the most durable and reliable. We will then measure the space you need to create a mock sketch of the proposed paving design and layout. This mock-up will include an estimated cost, which will be tailor-made to your budget. And finally, once we have your approval (which is to be consented in a Master Builders Association specified project contract), we will then commence ahead on your paving project, and send our trusted and experienced contractors and subcontractors to begin the work.

Cheap & Affordable Paving Contractor in Cape Town Area

Get true value for money with Paving Cape Town. We offer the best paving solutions at the most affordable prices, without compromising on quality. With years of experience in the paving industry, we have built great relationships with some of the best paving material stockists in and around Cape Town, giving you access to some of the best paving options at just a fraction of the price.
Paving projects differ from project to project. For instance, to pave a commercial parking lot of a shopping would be very different to paving a driveway. In order for us to better understand your paving project, we will need the exact details of what functions you will need from the paving job, as well as what you envision the space to look like. With these specifics, including your a walkthrough and visit to the site that you wish to pave, we will be able to determine the most accurate estimate of the costs involved. Our experienced contractors will use their highly trained eye and tools to see what your paving project needs and be able to suggest the best ways to execute your vision at the lowest cost.
If you are not able to accommodate our contractors and subcontractors visiting the site before your project is due to commence, simply click here to complete this online form and let us know what the measurements are, what your expectations are, what you would like to achieve with this paving job and what your budget for this project is and we will do our best to match your proposed amount and even do our best to get the job done under the estimated amount set aside for the paving job.

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Government & Private Paving Contracting
At Paving Cape Town, we love a challenge. Which is why when a new client comes on board, we dive into the project full force. Government and private paving contracting is a tricky job as it often entails details that one might not find with smaller, residential projects. Currently, we’ve worked on smaller projects, while also developing paving projects that extends to government institutions and medium to large scale businesses too.

We enjoy finding new ways to bring a paving project to life with contractors and subcontractors with the expertise you need to fully understand your project. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from paving driveways and walkways to entrances, parking lots, patio areas, permeable paving options, giving you an efficient system, while still maintaining the element of elegance and professionalism that your business or institution may need.

Businesses and governmental institutions have come back to Paving Cape Town time and time again, because of our great service and impressive pricing arrangements with paving distributors, which means that we are able to get you the best price on the best quality paving materials. We are open to tenders and contracting contracts, which means that we will install your paving solution, as well as keep it maintained, which means that your paving option will be kept in the best shape, giving you the best value for money, as the paving option lasts for many, many years, looking brand new every single time.

About the Service
At Paving Cape Town, we have some of the most experienced paving sub contractors in Cape Town. If you are looking for professional pavers, you have come to the right place. Many paving contractors tend to take the easy or cheaper way out, in order for the job to cost them less, without it costing you less, and then making an extra buck on the side. Because paving is such an intricate job that requires the paving contractor or subcontractor to know what they are doing, you want the most experienced pavers to work on your residential or commercial space. Paving includes the installation of a solid sub base, the compacting of the ground with the necessary equipment, grouting gaps (if interlocking pavers are not being used), mixing the correct mortar, and so much more.

For residential paving, we offer the paving of driveways and walkways, entrances, pool and entertainment areas, patios and stoeps, to name a few. For commercial paving options, we offer the architectural applications of interior and exterior of buildings and landscaping of different areas. For commercial spaces, many paving contractors and sub contractors usually focus on the design elements while neglecting some of the functional purposes of the paving job. At Paving Cape Town, we are able to offer you sound advice on materials and design layouts that will be both aesthetically pleasing and durable, while insisting on the best prices available on the market.

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