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4th Jun 2019
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4th Jun 2019

Paving Companies

Are you looking for a paving company? At Paving Cape Town, our contractors not only do their job to the best of their ability, but they strive to give you the best end result you could ever dream of. Paving is what we live and breathe, which is why we do our best to deliver a paving job that both you and we will be proud of. We live and breathe paving, because more than it being just another paving job, to us, we want to walk away knowing that this paving project is something that are happy to attach our name to.

There are many paving companies in Cape Town who claim to offer the best results, but based on our clients testimonials and feedback, we know that Paving Cape Town is in a league of its own. We offer access to some of Cape Town's best paving contractors with many years of experience in the business. And with that knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer you the best insight and paving options that have been tried and tested over and over again. With the paving techniques that we know will work. we will combine your unique paving vision to bridge the old and the new, making the end result of your paving job, truly something special.

Quality Paving Company

With many years of experience in the business of paving, time and time again we hear about the horrible experiences that people have had with paving contractors. This is something that we, at Paving Cape Town take very seriously. Because we work as hard as we do, what we really can’t stand is hearing how contractors have taken advantage of people who may know little to nothing about paving and what it takes to deliver a quality paving job. We’ve seen how new and sometimes even older contractors prey on the fact that many people don’t understand the intricacies of paving. This is something that we work really hard to change. We want every single client to walk away smiling, knowing that their vision can come to life and that not every paving contractor may be like their last. With pride we can say that Paving Cape Town is a quality paving company that offers paving jobs that will more than meet our clients expectations. We want to impress every single client, because every single paving job is important to us. We are not looking to make a quick buck, but instead, we want to build a relationship with clients, so that they know, if something goes wrong or if they have an emergency or simply need assistance, we will be the first call they make. Thus far, word of mouth has secured many ongoing paving contracts, so we know that quality paving is what we are known for.

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Difference between Good and

Bad Paving Companies
We’ve heard many stories about how many times people were taken advantage of by their paving or building contractors. At Paving Cape Town, it is a priority of ours to change this perception that many have about contractors taking them for a ride and running of with their money once the job hasn’t even been completed. We work really hard to show our clients and people in general that this doesn’t always have to be the case. Here’s how to know the difference between good and bad paving company:
  • Before selecting a paving contractor, you should take note of some of the red flags that they may be present in the very beginning. a bad paving company will charge you a large deposit before even starting the job. If they quote you more than 50% upfront, chances are that they are a bad paving company.
  • A bad paving contractor will advise you that all bricks are the same. A good paving contractor will explain to you that paving materials vary in purpose, functionality and pricing.
  • A bad paving company will suggest you pay cash. A good paving company will have a good admin system in place, making the payments easy for you.
  • A good paving company will ensure that their employees are properly taken care of. They will ensure that their pavers have a work uniform and won’t just show up in any clothes and have a toilet on site for their staff, so that they don’t dirty the inside of your premises while working.
  • A good paving company will remove any and all rubble during and after the paving job is complete. A bad paving contractor will claim that it’s not their responsibility to.
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