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4th Jun 2019
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4th Jun 2019

Landscaping Using Pavers

Not only are pavers fully functional, but they also add great value to the overall aesthetics of your property. Most people generally focus on the functional purposes, but the great thing about pavers is that they kill two birds with one stone. Landscaping will give your new or restored paving job the ultimate facelift. So why not take advantage of this great two-in-one feature of pavers? Paving is usually classified as hard landscaping as it refers to the construction material used in the paving process, such as cement, concrete, bricks, etc. Hard landscaping can also refer to outdoor furniture. At Paving Cape Town, landscape architecture and design includes a site analysis of the property, in which we will do an analysis of the area around the property to figure out which elements to incorporate into the new landscaping vision of your space. Our hard landscaping services include the installation of paving, gardens, pot plants, shrubs, fish ponds and water features, novelty and pet gardens, decks and so much more. Compliment your hardscapes (like the paving of patios, stoeps, pool and entertainment areas) by adding softscapes (such as plants, flowers and shrubs), and various other soft elements that doesn’t involve construction. Soft landscaping adds unique character and style to your space. At Paving Cape Town, our soft landscaping services include laying grass, building container gardens, installing pot plants and shrubs. Some soft landscaping requires time, for instance, shrubs and trees often need time to grow to see the fully fledged vision of your landscaping, while other design elements like flowers and pot plants can be changed seasonally.

Improve landscaping with Paving

Landscaping can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary. At Paving Cape Town, paving is our passion which is why we choose to use paving and pavers as the centrepiece of all of our landscaping jobs. Different paving options such as bricks, concrete, and slabs can be used to create a space that is unique to your home or office. The soft landscaping elements are the extras and they come in to add that extra layer of uniqueness to your landscaping. For instance, we use paving material such as concrete to landscape areas like gardens, patios, braai and entertainment areas. The concrete can be used to lay a path in your garden, so that you don’t disturb the growth of your plants or find yourself walking through mud or grass. Not only will the area look good, but it will be convenient. Say goodbye to soaking wet shoes and slipping as you enter your home or property. Concrete can also be used for edging flower beds and borders. Our creative design team will create borders and patterns that will give your space extra flare. Add extra elegant touches to your landscaping job, such as concrete stepping stones or introduce some additional creative design elements like mosaic. Mosaic can be used as stepping stones or as a decoration in the space.

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Landscaping Ideas with different Paving
Paving can be an important part of landscaping an area. If you use pavers correctly and creatively, they can be used to add charm and character to your property. This where Paving Cape Town comes in. Our contractors and landscape architects will help to take your garden, patio, braai or entertainment area to the next level. Our first step is to understand your vision and the overall look and feel you want for the space. Next we will assess your budget, the size, colour and architectural style of the site. Many people think landscaping and they want the prettiest designs, without thinking about the practicality of the design. Start by thinking about who will be using that space. For instance, opting for rough cobblestones and aggregate concrete pavers that might be bumpy, could potentially impede the mobility of an older person, using a walking stick or walker or a person who may be using crutches or a wheelchair.

Many clients opt for concrete because of its versatility. Concrete can be cast into different sizes and shapes and even formed into curvilinear or geometric shapes and can be tinted to a variety of colours. There are various textures and finishes that you could potentially add to concrete, so if you’re not a fan of the exposed concrete look and feel, concrete gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want. Concrete is also one of the most cost-effective pavers on the market. Flagstones are largely used for stepping stones or for garden or entertainment features for both formal and informal installations. For formal applications such as patio areas, walkways and paving the area around swimming pools. For informal applications like stepping stone and garden features.

Paving and Gardening
Give the exterior of your property the ultimate facelift. At Paving Cape Town, our paving contractors and landscapers will help to give your property a holistic makeover, by incorporating hard and soft landscaping. Hard landscaping refers to the construction element of paving installations or the process of installing outdoor furniture. Soft landscaping includes the design elements of installing plants and shrubs and mosaic finish touches. Paving Cape Town’s contractors offers both hard landscaping and soft landscaping to give your property the look and feel that you desire.

At Paving Cape Town, our services include the conceptualisation and architectural design of entrances, gardens, pool, patio, entertainment areas and so much more. This includes the installation of paving (hard landscaping), as well as the installation of the decorative elements such as pot plants, artificial grass, gravel and stone (soft landscaping). The hard landscaping part of gardening is the foundation of landscaping your garden or entertainment area. If you use quality equipment and the workmanship is of a high standard, the soft landscaping really are extras to compliment the overall look and feel. For instance, a concrete or flagstone pathway can help your backyard or front area look professional and neat. Not only will it help the space look better, but the hard landscaping is also great for convenience due to its practical purposes.

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