Driveway Paving
4th Jun 2019

Pool Paving

With global warming playing a huge role in Cape Town’s fluctuating weather patterns any given day has the potential to be the perfect pool day. Since you’ll have more reason than ever before to be using your pool area, perhaps it’s time to give your pool area a facelift with some modern paving options from Paving Cape Town and entertain your family and friends in style.

Pool Paving in Cape Town South Africa

Everybody knows that a braai and a dip is not only a large part of the South African culture, but it is also the best way to spend time with those you love. Whether it be friends, family, colleagues or family friends, you can add that extra level of comfort and luxury to entertaining those close to your heart with Paving Cape Town. Not only will we cater to creating a look and feel that will leave your guests gasping by your taste and impeccable design style, but we will also ensure that your paving options will be as practical and durable as possible. In order for your pool area to be safe for you and your family, ensure that at least one-meter of the perimeter of the pool is paved. This will help to create a safe area for you, your family and guests to take a dip, soak up the sun and walk around your pool area with ease and without slipping.
Different Types of Pool Paving
Our paving contractors offer a range of pool paving tiles, swimming pool paving slabs, pool pavers, pool coping and more, each specifically designed to cater to your needs. With such a large variety of pool paving options, we will ensure that your space remains unique to you and your family, while maintaining functional capabilities such as porous, non-slip paving options that does not retain the heat and are comfortable to step on while walking around barefoot. This is why our pool pavers are so popular and commonly used around pool areas in and around Cape Town.

With the use of modern technology, we are able to find the best materials to withstand the extreme weather conditions that Capetonians have grown accustomed to. Not only are these options ideal for its purpose, our pool paving contractors are also available to landscape your pool and entertainment area, giving your home that unique, elegant flare that you’ve always wanted! Choose from modern paving slabs to beneficiated concrete finishes and colours and textures inspired by nature or your surroundings. Our paving contractors will first introduce themselves to your space and your vision and then recommend the best materials suited to your paving project and the most modern design styles to really bring your space to life.

Envision the outdoor area you’ve always wanted, and Paving Cape Town will make it your reality.
Pool Paving Maintenance
Paving Cape Town also offers maintenance on all of our paving jobs. This service includes the sealing of your pool paving, keeping it porous and less slippery, as well as protecting your paving from the effects of chlorine and salt water, whichever suits your property best.