Paving Cape Town

Welcome to the world of paving specialists in Cape Town. Our contractors are seasoned experts with many years’ experience, offering premier designing and installation of paving for both commercial and residential properties. We guarantee that all of our contractors only make use of quality materials that are of the highest industry standards, giving you the best service and material available on the market.

At Paving Cape Town, our focus is your individual needs for your upcoming project. We won’t simply install common paving options, but we will interrogate the ‘why’ of your project, to recommend the best and most affordable solution to your problem. Let us assist you in giving your property a facelift with the cleanliness of sleek paving designs. We will assist you with the design, engineering and installation of new paving options, so that you are satisfied with our workmanship and the result at the end of the day.

Paving Done Professionally in Cape Town Area

At Paving Cape Town, we offer professional paving in and around Cape Town. Trust our highly-trained and experienced contractors to bring your vision for your home or company come to life. With various paving experts in the field, Paving Cape Town offers a wide variety of highly-skilled paving contractors to design the living space you envision.

With a proven track record of quality paving, we aim to deliver the best paving results starting at the design level, where we pen out your ideas and literally draw the picture of what you would like to achieve with your paving project. From there, we will recommend the best way forward while realising that your goal is at the centre, so whether or not you choose our recommendations, we will do all we can to see your paving project through to the point of completion, including on-site supervision to ensure that the task remains on track and in-line with your expectations.

Our aim at Paving Cape Town is to walk with you through the process of upgrading your residential or commercial space through the use of modern paving options, ensuring that the process is smooth-sailing, while offering the use of the best materials on the market at the best prices. .

Our Services

Paving Contractors

Paving Contractors

At Paving Cape Town, we connect you with some of Cape Town’s best paving contractors. Our reliable contractors will help to upgrade both commercial and residential spaces with quality workmanship. Our team has the necessary expertise and years of experience in the industry to give you the best paving solutions.

Paving Installation

Paving Installation

With top-class paving installations, Paving Cape Town’s contractors will cover all of your paving needs. We offer professional services, using the highest quality materials and modern installation systems by a team of committed, highly-skilled supervised paving contractors in and around Cape Town.

Paving Companies

Paving Companies

Paving Cape Town offers paving solutions that caters to all your needs in and around Cape Town. From residential brick and driveway paving, patio or stoep paving and pool and entrance paving to commercial and industrial paving. Paving Cape Town has all you need to service your paving needs.

Paving Restoration

Driveway Pressure Washing

At Paving Cape Town we want you to maintain the quality of your paving. We offer the restoring of paving, which will restore paving to their original colour. With quality materials, your paving job should last you a few years on the clock and by restoring your paving you can get the most out of your paving.

Paving Landscaping

Paving & Landscaping

Landscaping can help to give your paving job the ultimate facelift. Compliment your hardscapes (such as paving of patios, stoeps and pool areas) by adding softscapes (such as plants, flowers and shrubs) to add some character and style to your residential or commercial area to give it the new look it deserves

Residential Paving Contractor

Your home is your sanctuary, which means that it should reflect who and what you are. Residential paving is one way of doing just that. After all, it is the first impression that guests, and visitors may have of you and your home upon arrival. At Paving Cape Town, our contractors will recommend the best materials and designs for the area that you would like to pave. From driveways to walkways, patios, entertainment and pool areas, we have you covered. Our team of expert contractors will help to create the look that you desire with quality paving materials that will last. And the best part? We will source the best materials (from concrete to cement, brick and everything in between) at the best available prices.

First and foremost, our contractors will come out to meet you in person, and get a true feel for what you want the final product to look like, as well as understand the practical purpose of the paving job. They will then assess the area that you’d like to pave, and recommend the best way forward, while including the most cost-effective way of executing your paving plan. With your consent, they will then put pen to paper and design the foundation to ensure that the paving will serve its main purpose in the end, which will be to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and last for many, many years to come. Our contractors will suggest paving colours, shapes and designs to compliment the overall look and feel of your residential property.

Commercial Paving Contractor

Our premium commercial paving options are perfect for any space. Our contractors will help you to select between the most modern and upmarket paving options, giving your business a sleek and professional look and feel that clients and visitors will automatically be driven to. From parking spaces, public areas, entrances to businesses and shopping centres, paved roads, permeable solutions and everything in between. Let us bring your vision of the ideal commercial space come to life with the best commercial paving specialists that have the expertise that comes with decades of experience in the industry. Your project is our priority at Paving Cape Town. Choose between cobble, slabs, blocks, quartet, interlockers, exposed aggregate, flat topped pavers, commercial permeable paving products and so much more.

Our commercial paving contractors will suggest the best options for your overall vision of your commercial space. We will be able to assist in the interior and exterior of building, landscaping areas, and adding the most elegant finishing touches to give your commercial space the most professional look and feel. We offer commercial paving for small, medium and corporate sized areas. As many find commercial paving to be quite pricey as the areas that need paving tend to be quite, at Paving Cape Town, our contractors do their best to get you the lowest prices on the highest quality materials.

We work with all types of paving

With our relevant experts in the field in the paving world, Paving Cape Town will connect you with the best paving contractors in and around Cape Town. From landscaping to paving installation and even the cleaning and restoring of paving that may have been done many years ago. Paving is more than just our jobs, it is our what we have devoted our lives to, which is why we can ensure the best service using quality materials and absolute pride in the end product. Our paving contractors specialise in cement pavers, clay pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers and paving slabs to both commercial and residential properties.

Cement Pavers

Our cement pavers are ideal for low-weight loading's, like garden paving, or for certain high-weight loading, like driveways with not too much traffic. Perhaps parking one or two cars.

Cement Paving

Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are ideal for aesthetic purposes, as well as practical purposes, as it is durable. Clay bricks come in a wide range of colours to suit every need.

Clay Paving INstallation

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are easy to maintain, are long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. With a wealth of available shapes, colours and sizes, concrete might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Concrete pavers Cape Town

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are ideal for gardens and outside patio or stoep areas, as well as driveways. Contact our experienced contractors for high quality paving slabs at the lowest prices.

Paviung Slabs Cape Town